Apache module updates

I’ve just gone public with version 3.1 of mod_proxy_html, my most widely-used module outside the Apache core.

The main change from version 3.0 and earlier versions is that internationalisation support is now delegated to mod_xml2enc, a module that manages all aspects of character encoding on behalf of mod_proxy_html and other libxml2-based filter modules.  This represents a significant simplification from version 3.0, and brings fixes of bugs that might affect non-unicode users of non-latin-based languages.

Users of earlier versions should note a couple of configuration changes:

  1. You will probably need to load mod_xml2enc.
  2. You should NOT use Apache’s general purpose filter configuration such as SetOutputFilter or FilterProvider/FilterChain.  Instead, use the new ProxyHTMLEnable directive, and mod_proxy_html will configure both mod_xml2enc and itself for you.  Configuring the filter chain “by hand” is now unsupported.

In other Apache module news, mod_fcgid has had it’s first release at apache.org since being donated to the HTTPD project.  This is an exciting module not just because of what it does (implements FastCGI – a hugely widespread and useful function), but also in its provenance.  It’s a major contribution coming from China, and a demonstration of the power of the Web to bring developers together across barriers of culture, politics and language!

My esteemed colleague Jeff Trawick has blogged about the mod_fcgid release.


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