Daily Archives: June 10, 2009

Lidl coming to town

This time last year, Lidl consulted us about plans to build a new shop here in Tavistock.  I was in favour then, and I’m in favour now for exactly the same reasons: new housing creates demand for new retail capacity; Lidl will complement our existing retailers (especially the nicer independent shops and market); and above all, Lidl promised no muzak when I went to the consultation 🙂

What’s changed now and deserves documenting here is that they’ve reached the stage of actually building the store.  I look forward to shopping there, and will be especially pleased if I can abandon the muzak-infested supermarkets (Morrison, Somerfield, Coop) altogether in favour of Lidl and the small shops.  And Tescos in Plymouth a couple of times a year …

In other retail news, the old Woolworths premises in the high street has evidently found a new tenant, and is being refurbished.  But the three former estate agents that have shut down are still vacant and looking unloved.  And I fear the Woolworths-replacement will be a waste of space: the word “fashion” in the name is a bit of a giveaway.