Daily Archives: June 1, 2009


Saturday was pleasantly warm.  Sunday was getting to slow-down-a-bit hot.  Today, sitting at the computer, I found myself suffering a little from the heat.  So, apparently, did the computer, which failed to shut down!

OK, it’s not really hot, but mid-20s counts as hot here.  In our maritime climate of perpetually clement temperatures, 30° is as exceptional in summer as 0° in winter.  It’s the season when you don’t want to be where I am, in a top-floor flat with low ceilings and south-facing windows.

In general terms I like this time of year.  Good hours of daylight, an abundance of the most delicious fruit&veg are in season, and even too early for midges or wasps.  But I won’t be sorry if the temperature drops a bit, especially when I’m trying to work.