Day Zero

The second day of ApacheCon week was the hackathon.  Having had breakfast at subway sandwiches next door to the hotel on Monday, we tried again, but they had no bread.  I managed to get a dicky tummy after no breakfast, and was running in and out a bit during the day, but that pretty-much cleared up by the end of the day.

In the hackathon, we had a chat around APR.  Is there really a good reason for APR-UTIL to be a separate library (nope)?  The work we’ve done recently to separate out big dependencies like the DBD libs is right – we don’t want to load a library we’re not using.  One option is to follow this direction further towards full modularisation.  And there seems little benefit in wrapping LDAP at all: so far as anyone knows, HTTPD is the only user of apr_ldap, and HTTPD can just clone what it needs from that code.  Some of that discussion has already moved to the mailinglist, to get the views of a wider community.

Tuesday being also Sarah’s birthday, it was a lovely coincidence that de Nederlandse Opera were performing Cosi fan tutte in he evening.  The production was a little strange: set in modern times, opening on a beach.  Despina was – at times – something straight out of the red light district – and had the figure for it!  By the end of the first act we were well-confused, but by the end of the evening it worked very well for us, and we much enjoyed it.

Coming out of the opera, we managed to get somewhat lost, before making our way to the Damrak and a reasonably decent late-opening pizza place that was sit-down rather than a dodgy takeaway.  Didn’t join apachecon folks in the hotel bar afterwards, as I was still not exposing the tummy to booze.  But I think I can draw a line under that today.

I think it’s now time to head down to the action!

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