Day 1 of ApacheCon Week was BarCamp.  And it was lots of fun!  In fact I preferred the friendly, informal style to that of the main conference: it’s more engaging, and it caught my interest in subjects that would otherwise probably have passed me by (such as Mahout, or a Lucene search), as well as more obvious candidates for my attention like open geodata, and apachecon classic themes like awareness of FOSS in education.

My “apache-helpdesk” session on support ecosystems for open-source projects was scheduled last, so we could have DrBacchus in (he was busy with training for most of the day).  He and pctony are the people present at ApacheCon who I already knew to be leading lights of that ecosystem, and it would’ve been a shame to run the session without both of them.  The session generated some discussion, but no great input from other projects, and I suspect the reality may be that httpd indeed leads the field.  A few slides I used to prime the discussion are here.

Only fly in the ointment was having to faff off into town to find our own lunch.  But that was amply compensated when I got the text from Sarah saying she was indeed – as hoped – coming to join me.  After meeting her at the station and dumping her luggage back at the hotel, we went for a wander around town, ending up in a little thai restaurant where we enjoyed an utterly gorgeous meal.  Yum!

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  1. I didn’t know if Sarah was going over or not – say “hi” to her for me.

    J 😉

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