Phone Headset

Dear Lazyweb, I need a (wired) headset for a mobile phone?

For the most part, I love my new mobile phone.  But there are a few issues.  By far the worst is the headset supplied by Nokia, which is basically not usable.  So I want a new one.

I tried locally.  The mobile phone shops have nothing; the general electrical shop has headphones that might or might not be compatible, given an appropriate adapter for the jack.  Neither I nor the shopkeeper know how to find out.

It’s got to be wired, as it serves as arial for FM radio reception.  If it includes microphone capability that’s a small bonus, but not important: I really only want it to listen to the radio: I’m perfectly happy to use the phone in the old-fashioned manner to speak.

I can’t just use any-old-headset: the plug is a lot smaller than the conventional 3.5mm jack, and has an extra (microphone) channel.  Also I expect the right impedance matters to radio reception, and power consumption may also matter.  Nokia’s website lists compatible headsets, but it’s really the kind of thing I’d rather buy in a shop having seen them than online.

So what I really need is an idea of what to look out for and where to look.  If I see a headset with the right jack, how near am I to being confident it’ll work with the phone?


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  1. Being confident it’ll work with the phone? I wouldn’t be, unless I had some specs.

    I ended up buying online this time. Previously, I’ve bought from specialist shops. Mobile phone connectors are one of the last refuges of widespread IT price-gouging.

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