At my time of life …

A man almost exactly my age is getting inaugurated as, by many measures, the world’s most powerful person.  I don’t know Barack Obama’s exact age, but I know at least that we were born in the same year.

Is it a milestone that should be looking reproachfully at me: here’s what a man your age can achieve?  Not really: in my line of work I’m already a has-been by some measures, with top role-models like Linus Torvalds having risen at a far younger age.  Fortunately that’s only part of the story, and geekdom is pretty egalitarian.

Nevertheless, this is a passing of another milestone.  In middle-age, they’re coming thick and fast, from getting cast as the young hero’s father in an operatic production, to seeing my real-life nephew go up to university later this year.  Etcetera, etcetera.

Is it time to grow up?  Help!!


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