Daily Archives: January 13, 2009

Happy ending

As we headed towards winter, I had just one presentable coat. It’s a craghoppers, and about 10 years old.  My other coat is decent quality (Berghaus goretex) but over 20 years old and showing its age, as well as having been bought by a man with a smaller waistline.

So two months ago, I went to the local outdoor shop to look for a new one, and ended up buying two: one fully waterproof (patagonia), and a second ultra-lightweight paramo, designed to be wind/shower-resistant but not to cope with serious weather.

Within a week I was firmly in love with the latter!

Alas, another week and it was ripped right through.  It was hanging on the hooks on the inside of my front door, when a friend’s dog tried to open the door.  Failing to operate the handle, the dog grabbed the nearest thing, my beloved new coat, and had ripped a chunk out before I had time to stop him.  Aaargh 😦

Since it was such a new purchase, I took it back to the shop, and tried to ask if, in the circumstances, they would replace it at cost.  After all, they’d already made their margin from me on the two coats.  They refused, but they told me it could be sent back to Paramo for repair: they would replace the ripped section, and it would be as good as new.  So I accepted that.

Today at last, they phoned to say it’s repaired and back with them.  It is indeed as good as new, at £30 against a retail price of £80.  So this afternoon I picked it up and wore it for a brief walk over Whitchurch Down.  Nice!

I think that’s thanks to Paramo for a useful service, but alas not to our local shop, who not only refused my initial request, but also promised repeatedly to keep me informed (including quoting a repair price as soon as Paramo had seen it) but never did.  There wasn’t even any transparency about the £30, and whether they took a profit on that.