Getting paid

WebThing has pretty-much always owed me money. That’s fine by me: it’s mostly my choice. At first (and for too long) it had too little income and survived on my money. Recently[1] the majority of the company’s income has been in US$, which we were reluctant to convert to UK£ at $2 to £1, so WebThing held the funds in dollars.

Now at last with the fall of the pound, we’ve transferred sufficient dollars to pay what I was owed. With the latest transfer to me today, the amount outstanding drops to something trivial. So if I attend the forthcoming property auction on 4th December and bid on the house I looked at on Saturday, I have something approaching funds for purchase, though alas not for the extensive renovation required.

And if I sink the money into property, it makes it harder for the government to rob me of it by printing new money, Zimbabwe-style.

Of course in reality it’s a dream. The crowds attending the open day (one of several) to view that house were huge, and it’s clearly a place that’ll fetch above its guide price even in today’s rapidly-falling market. Ho hum.

[1] For values of “recently” up to the beginning of this year, after which I joined Sun and ceased taking on paying work with WebThing.


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