Forthcoming Music

As recently noted, I’m trying to get organised enough to blog music I’m involved in ahead of time. I guess getting around to it today is better than last time. So here goes:

Next week from Wednesday to Saturday (November 26-29), we’re singing in Howard Goodall’s Eternal Light, with the Rambert Dance Company in the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. This is just one of three items on the Rambert’s programme for the evening, which should be well worth a visit.

The following Saturday (December 6), we’re performing Händel’s Messiah at Plymouth’s main city centre church, St. Andrews.  If you haven’t already heard Messiah enough times for one lifetime, and if you’re not an early music zealot who rejects big-choir Messiah performances (and dammit, Händel himself loved big forces), then you’ll enjoy it.

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  1. Got tickets for Rambert today, so should see you Saturday 29. May well come to Messiah too if I’m not booked up already.

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