Two-way nightmare

Everyone is talking about today’s big question.  So let’s join them.

Whether Obama or McCain is the next US president is not my concern.  I don’t get a vote.  I’m pretty sure that either of them will be an improvement on the present incumbent, but that’s scarcely a vote of confidence.  I shall judge the winner by his actions in office.

One note: I think if Obama wins, he’ll be a disappointment in a couple of years.  That’s not a reflection on him: rather it’s about the weight of expectations amongst his supporters.  McCain carries no such burden of inflated expectations, and could therefore be less of a rollercoaster.

What frightens me is that both candidates carry a nightmare scenario.  In McCain’s case it’s painfully obvious: at his age, there must be an above-average risk he doesn’t manage the full four years, and that woman [shudder] in the top job really doesn’t bear thinking about.

Obama’s nightmare is surprisingly similar.  His age isn’t an issue, but the US has more than its fair share of both nutcases and guns.  One nutcase with a gun who sees a n***** in the top job as the ultimate outrage gets lucky, and … .  Someone joked that the reason he picked Biden as a running mate must’ve been to scare would-be assassins off, but wouldn’t that imply a level of rationality?  Well, maybe Dubya survived because the alternative was worse.

We should know the winner tonight.  But no matter who wins, a nightmare will be lurking.

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