Daily Archives: October 31, 2008

Help – new sandals!

I have some trouble buying sandals.  If the straps over the feet come up too high, I get back pain from them.  Many otherwise-comfortable sandals are useless to me for exactly that reason.  For example, in the past I’ve found Clarks (a well-reputed UK brand) very good, but in the past four or five years (at a guess) they’ve been unwearable.  Most of the sandals (at any price) I can wear tend to be cheapos, and are good for a few weeks but fall apart rapidly.

Now my best sandals, which have lasted me several years of demanding use, are falling apart.  I have no other pair that’s suitable for winter conditions and that stands any chance of lasting the winter[1].  So I need a new pair at a time when many shops think they’re out of season.  Can anyone help with sourcing them?

FWIW, I’d be very happy to replace the newly-broken ones with an identical pair.  They describe themselves as “Timberland outdoor performance”.  Unfortunately, googling that turns up nothing similar.

[1] OK, I have one remaining pair that’s robust and in good nick (though alas less than comfortable), but they absorb too much water if exposed to anything more than moderate rain and slightly-wet ground.