Daily Archives: October 25, 2008

ApacheCon Submissions

I consider it too far to go from here to New Orleans for the forthcoming US ApacheCon, unless my employers were not only to pay but also to insist.

But I’ve got around to submitting two proposals for Amsterdam next March:

  • Virtualising the Webserver
  • mod_rewrite is obsolete

Dunno if either or both will be accepted, but I think they should be worthwhile topics. Both involve presenting thoroughly up-to-date and topical work: the first addresses a longstanding unfulfilled need for hosting companies, while the second is about developments that simplify Apache configuration, and could look like moving from editing a sendmail.cf by hand to a modern easy MTA like postfix.

One I thought about but didn’t put in was the Sun web stack[1]. As a topic it feels rather too commercial to me, and I suspect also to other Apache folks. And I wouldn’t be the right person to talk on that: it wants someone with far better presentation skills. I also omitted the modules tutorial I’ve given in some previous years: that was always too much of an organisational nightmare, requiring a minimum number of signups, which was commonly reached only after the notional closing date for signing up …. you get the picture.

[1] I should stress that none of my colleagues suggested I should speak on the subject: it was purely my own bad idea for being a corporate type.  Fortunately, bad ideas are only a problem if you hold on to them to the point of acting on them.