Daily Archives: October 18, 2008


Went to a concert tonight.  The West Devon Chorale, appearing in Tavistock.

A fine small choir (between 20 and 30 voices), and a really good programme.  Unlike so many of the otherwise-good groups who perform here, they didn’t take the line “country bumpkins, need some pop stuff”.  So no messiah excerpts, pomp&circumstance, or other such boring hack stuff.  Just a programme packed with some really good music.  In order: Holst, Tavener, Messian, Vaughan Williams, Vierne, and Widor.  To me the highlight of the evening was the Vierne mass: truly superb music from a composer about whom I know absolutely nothing.  Must seek out some more.

Afterwards Sarah and I went for a meal at the Birds Nest, the Chinese restaurant that serves the best meals in Tavistock.  Feeling jolly merry after a full bottle of hot, spicy rice wine between two of us.  Food was nice too.  Mmmm 🙂