Monthly Archives: September 2008

The wettest summer

Last summer (2007), there were serious floods in much of central England: Yorkshire in June, and around the Severn in July.  After several much hotter and dryer summers tending towards mediterranean, and exceptionally summery weather in April and the first half of June 2007, this came as a bit of a shock.  A once-in-100-years event, or something like that, we were told.

Here in the southwest, we were spared the worst of that: the season was indeed wet, but not exceptional.  This June and July were comparable, and without last year’s early summer weather.  By August, it seemed that this year was indeed wetter than 2007, as the rain persisted.  Reservoir levels confirm this impression.

Now in September it’s still raining heavily.  And unlike last year, we’ve been one of the wettest areas this time.  We’ve scarcely had a completely dry day for weeks, and we’ve had a startlingly large number of “months rainfall in 24 hours” days.  Just to complete the non-summer, temperatures have seldom gone above about 20 degrees, and never for as much as a full week.

Fortunately, here in the southwest our geography leaves us pretty much immune to flooding on any significant scale.  It can happen very locally to some cottages, but they’re built to withstand it without coming to harm.  But now some areas are starting to get serious floods again (e.g. here), and although they’re not yet on the scale of last year, it’s still raining hard!  One might almost think that last year’s once-in-a-century event is not so very far off happening twice in two years.


I’ve just installed postgrey at webthing.  So I’m (experimentally) greylisting incoming mail.

Since people say greylisting is so effective, I’m also dropping the more fallible part of my existing spam filtering as part of the experiment.  Blacklist access restrictions and sbl-rbl remain in effect, along with basic SMTP well-formedness checking.  But all pattern-matching on message headers and bodies is suspended, as part of the experiment.

If greylisting is as effective as many folks claim for it, I’ll make that a permanent change.  Time will tell!