Indian Summer

We have at last a period of warm, dry and sunny weather lasting more than one day. The summer we’ve missed out on 🙂 Started last weekend, and is firmly with us now. Actually it’s not all that warm (a comfortable just-under-20°); it just seems it in the context of the season we’ve had.

For a period of about 14 years, from my teens until I went out to Italy, I became aware of weather patterns beyond the basic “four seasons”. One regular pattern was indeed an “indian summer” – a late spell of summer weather – around the September equinox. I haven’t observed it since my return from Italy, but if it gets any warmer it could fit the pattern.

Alas, it may have come too late for the blackberry season. I picked a decent batch on Friday, but the quality is the worst since the grotty season of 2004. And whatever happened to the plums?

Posted on September 21, 2008, in seasons. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. The blackberries and plums may be poor this year, but I’ve had another bumper crop of apples, so a consignment will be on its way to you very shortly 🙂

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