Daily Archives: September 13, 2008

Stone-age spammers …

Doorbell rang this morning.  Picked up the entryphone, said Hello.  Heard “Hello, we’re Jehovahs Witnesses”; didn’t hang around for more.  End of story – quick and easy.

Except …

Spammers on the ‘net and on the ‘phone go to some lengths to try and push themselves at you.  Jehovahs Witnesses are reputedly all the more tenacious for being there in person.  So why do they make it so easy to get rid of them?  Could that opening line “Hello, we’re Jehovahs Witnesses” really be a cover for something else?  Like, burglars looking for quick confirmation of whether anyone’s in?

Does anyone ever knowingly let Jehovahs Witnesses in?

Footnote: actually I don’t regard Jehovahs Witnesses as such scum as modern spammers.  At least they’re using their own time and effort, rather than weapons of mass abuse.  Nutcases rather than scum.