Daily Archives: August 29, 2008

Fine fruits, Impulse buying

In the supermarket today, a watermelon caught my eye.  They’re a taste I acquired in Italy: a fine dessert for those mediterranean summer days!  Haven’t had one yet this year: like a Weizenbier or a Pinot Grigio wine, it only really comes into its element in that hot weather that just hasn’t happened this year.

Back home, I tried to put stuff in the fridge.  Including the watermelon, which is basically a solid drink, and nice when chilled.  Won’t fit on either main shelf.  Not even if I move them around to create the maximum space.  Bah.  Comes of having a single person’s fridge.  Oh well, there’s an excuse to chop it in half, and eat a slice.  And lo, it’s the best watermelon I’ve had since returning from Italy to the UK!

We seem to be having a great season for some of our native produce, too.  In the past week or two I’ve hugely enjoyed the first corn-on-the-cob and the first of our native victoria plums of the season.  The main disappointment is the blackberries, many of which are not good, possibly due to the exceptional amount of rain.  But a better September could still rescue them 🙂