Daily Archives: August 27, 2008

Pot – kettle

Our foreign secretary is reported as warning Russia off starting a new cold war.  Or words to that effect.

Someone remind me: which two governments have been in the vanguard of every new international war since the end of the cold war?  And the underlying reason: which two economies are most dependent on their armaments industries?  Clue – it’s not Russia.

Someone remind me: who harbours and protects a billionaire from Yeltsin’s kleptocratic gangster era, who openly supports the violent overthrow of the russian government?  Clue: it’s not Afghanistan.

Someone remind me: who appears to be trying to present an either/or choice to countries like Ukraine, and making it politically hard for them to maintain friendships with both Russia and the West without the one prejudicing the other?

Pot – Kettle.

Note – I’m not making any comment for or against anything Russia may be doing (that’s the business of russian bloggers, not mine).  Just on the shameful hypocrisy of some nearer to home.