Daily Archives: August 22, 2008


The term SWMBO normally signifies one to whom a chap has voluntarily given away his freedom. But have you noticed how a woman with whom you have no contract nor emotional relationship can have the same effect? Perhaps we should use a different term: SWWTNFAA (She who won’t take No for an answer). Just as deadly, but without the benefits.

So it is that this weekend I shall be singing with a quartet. Unrehearsed. And a quartet that isn’t really up to performing in public even if we’d practiced. We haven’t really had an ensemble fit to perform since our tenor, who was also (more importantly) the driving force behind the group, moved to another part of the country.

At least it’s just a couple of pieces to pad out what’s really an organ recital. Or so I’m told.

Bah, humbug.

BTW, if this post appears twice, it’s because I wrote it yesterday evening. Today WordPress seems to have lost it, but had most of it saved as a draft, so I’m just re-publishing.

p.p.s.  WordPress seems to let me edit the publication date of an article.  Just tried it here to put it at the right time.  But I’m a little concerned that it worked, as it rather diminishes the blog’s value as a historical record of who said what, and when.