Daily Archives: August 17, 2008


Today I have, as ever in the autumn season, stung and shredded hands.  For I have been out blackberrying and collected a decent crop.  Now that the season’s started, I expect to be out there regularly over the next couple of months.  As of now they’re suitable for cooking rather than eating, but this lot should be sufficient for both a crumble now and a batch saved in the freezer.  Not quite enough as yet to make chutney, unless I forgo the crumble.  That comes in a few weeks when the season is at its height.  Or when I can be arsed to go further afield to collect them (as I shall have to do by about mid-September, as the stupid council chop them down locally).

Actually these aren’t quite the first of the season.  I collected a few for my visit to the family.  But the amount available then was a token rather than a serious pick of ’em, and they fell just short of filling what had originally been a pickle jar: about a pint.

Last year we had a good but early season, helped by warm and sunny weather for about three months of autumn after the very wet summer.  This year there’s no sign of that, just a continuation of the wet season.  I think we may’ve had even more summer rain this year than last.