Daily Archives: August 4, 2008


Following the way DrBacchus and pctony have led, I’ve subscribed to slicehost.  All being well, I’ll migrate all my online presence there by the end of the week (except what’s already “outsourced”, like this blog running @wordpress.com).  That’s DNS, Mail, Web and SVN.  I’ve already fully configured infrastructure (ssh keys and firewall) and DNS, and I hope to finish mail tonight.

Slicehost looks like the ideal deal now for people like me, offering a full virtual machine at less than the price of a highly-restricted virtual host when I first got an online presence independent of my then-employer in 1995.  There’s no longer any good reason to keep on my old 1997 server in a data centre, and by retiring it I free myself from “what if” worries concerning things like hardware failure.  And finally, the economies of scale should reduce the carbon footprint.

Not sure where I’ll put the retired server, but it’ll be b***** useful to have a box with space for lots of old rarely-used-but-sometimes-wanted hardware.