Daily Archives: July 30, 2008


Still (evidently) not got to grips with the SFW consolidation.

Having successfully executed a full build with one additional module, I thought I was past the steep bit of the learning curve, and added in six more modules.  Of course I didn’t expect them all to build successfully first time – bound to hit snags, typos, gotchas, miscellaneous bugs.  But I did expect to get meaningful error messages from those modules that failed to build.

It didn’t build.  httpd itself failed, so the modules didn’t even have the prerequisites to try to build.  The error was an invalid –with-apr in the configure.  Seems that it tries to build both prefork and worker MPMs, but with just one APR build (on worker).  That relies on worker getting built before prefork, and the error suggests that didn’t happen.

Having failed to figure out what among my changes could possibly have caused this (unexpected) error, I fell back to recreating the entire hierarchy from the same clean tarball I’d started out with.  Same error!  So it wasn’t anything I’d done, and looks suspiciously like a heisenbug.  Bugrthat 😦

OK, I wonder what happens if I just remove those –with-apr configure options from the apache-prefork build?  Hopefully it’ll get though to building the modules, so I can get the results I want: successful build or relevant errors!  It’s running now.