Daily Archives: July 24, 2008


Sun has been hiring! Now that it’s official, I can welcome my new colleagues in the WebStack team. And did I mention, one of them was formerly the key man at our biggest(?) competitor!

First we have Brian Overstreet, who answered our advertisement and has now joined us. Brian is a relatively recent grad, with opensource credentials in a couple of projects including Mozilla, and a background as solaris guru whilst at college. He should make a great addition to our team. Welcome Brian!

Just a day or two later, our star new recruit Jeff Trawick joined at a senior level. Jeff comes to us from IBM, where he worked for many years, rising to lead in their web server project. Jeff is of course also a well-respected and long-standing Apache core developer and ASF member, making two of us on Sun’s webstack team. Welcome Jeff!

Anyone else interested in working here, not that Brian takes just one of the entry-level jobs. The other is, to the best of my knowledge, still open!


Yay!  We’ve got our public loo back in the centre of town!

It’s quite an attractive building from the outside, being of old, darkish stone construction (in keeping with neighbouring civic buildings), and partially obscured by trees.  But for rather a long time – a couple of years, it’s been boarded up, and we’ve had hideous blue metal portaloos instead (ugh).  Someone in the know could walk five minutes to use the bus station’s facilities instead, but that did nothing for the eyesore in the heart of town.

In the past few weeks, they’ve finally had some works done on the old building, and reopened it.  The doors are different and much more prominent, and I’ve yet to go inside.  Just glad to see the back of those blue monstrosities!