Daily Archives: July 14, 2008

Ban the Knife!

Our powers-that-be, including the meeja, seem to have got into something of a frenzy over knife crime. The opposition thinks that mere posession of a knife should carry a mandatory prison sentence.

Just a minute! They also report that most knife crime uses bog-standard kitchen knives. Have none of these politicians and journalists ever carried a kitchen knife (or several)? Maybe they all have servants to prepare their food, but I don’t, and I need a new vegetable knife. Am I at risk of arrest and imprisonment carrying it home from the local shop?

And how many of us never carry a swiss army knife? Try to envisage life without it, and that tin of pineapple from Three Men in a Boat springs to mind.

To put it in perspective, they say there’ve been about 60 people killed by knife crime this year. That’s about one week’s worth of deaths on the roads (excluding those brought on by pollution), but noone is talking about banning cars.

Enron Accounting

When Enron collapsed, we heard the trouble was with off-balance-sheet liabilities that had been hidden.  Today, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are revealed as the same thing: off-balance-sheet liabilities.  Only this time, it’s government doing it.

When Enron collapsed, a few Enron executive faced criminal charges, but the main casualty was their auditors, Arthur Anderson.  So who is going to face charges this time?

/me declines to mention Northern Rock or Bradford&Bingley.