Lidl coming to Tavistock

About a week ago, a circular came through the door. Not quite junkmail: this was from Lidl, who are consulting us (the people of Tavistock) about plans to open a new shop here. Open day yesterday and today at the Bedford Hotel – our local venue for corporate functions.

It’s a slightly out-of-town site, next door to the existing Morrisons (our big supermarket). Being a small town, it’s walking distance to everywhere for an able-bodied person, but unfortunately that won’t stop it attracting cars. The site is currently derelict, as other retailers have closed there, so it’s not paving over anything green, which is a Good Thing.

I’m not familiar enough with Lidl to have any clear idea what to expect. But I think I’m in favour:

  • With the vast amount of new housing being built, the town could use more retail capacity.
  • I’m optimistic that Lidl will complement more than it competes with our market and the smaller in-town shops.
  • Above all, Lidl are promising no muzak (halleluja!). So at last, we’ll be able to shop in peace for supermarket staples without having to travel an additional 10 miles (each way) to Tescos in Roborough.

That last one alone will get them my custom!

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  1. Hmm. I’m not a major fan of Lidl. They don’t have much variety in what they stock; their own branded stuff is cheap and plasticky; and there’s the whole ethical concern to be aware of as well (existing Morrisons would be better). Oh, and I vaguely recall a whinge about clamping users of their carparks too. Still. 🙂

    (Oh yeah, hi – a blast from the past, perhaps 🙂

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