Grrrr …

Talk about ripoff!

Yesterday I booked a weekend in Truro. At £85/night (b&b) for an “executive room”, I expected some modest measure of luxury.

So, I arrive at the hotel. They give me room 37: top floor, in the roof. I reach the room, and find it’s pretty tiny: have to take care not to bump my head on the beams if I go around the other side of the bed. The window is small and high – no view. And no minibar. Well, I don’t really want a minibar, but a fridge I can put a bottle of water in would be nice. Well, at least there’s a kettle and tea/coffee.

The bathroom, by contrast, is really beautiful. There’s a separate bath and shower cubicle, and the biggest shower head I’ve ever seen. And a big window, that opens onto the edge of the roof, from where a seagull screams at me.

Except … the shower doesn’t work. I turn it on, and all I get is a pathetic dribble. Feeling well pissed off, I phone reception. Third or fourth try I get through: she’ll send the porter up. OK, get dressed again, and fill in time by getting out the laptop and checking that the hotel’s wifi works. It does, and I have time for a very quick grumble on IRC.

Porter arrives, confirms that the shower doesn’t work. Can’t fix it, but can move me to another room. So now I’m in room 35, which is also pretty tiny, and lacks the luxury bathroom. So instead of beautiful but useless, I now have a working shower in a bog-standard hotel bathroom. No bath any more, which is a shame, as it would be nice to have the option for tomorrow night.

And the bed is .. well, it would be fine, except for the knobbly mattress, which is the poorest I’ve slept on for quite a while.

On the other hand, the restaurant has just served me a jolly decent meal. Not cheap, but at least it was in line with what it cost. Unlike this room.



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  1. Might be worth having a grumble at the management about the non-working shower and resulting move to an inferior room with a hopeless mattress – see if you can get some discount.

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