Wind Hazard!

The last couple of days have been rather windy. Today it got stronger, and was accompanied by intermittent rain. That’s more like October/November than May, though of course it’s warmer and lighter than in the traditional wet&windy autumn season.

Heading out, I found today’s wind has done some minor damage. In Paddons Row, one shop sign was down, and another was hanging loose, with a single hook intact. The latter looked like a potential hazard, being big&heavy enough to do serious damage if it falls on someone.

Being a bank holiday, the shop was closed. Neither the sign nor the shop window had a ‘phone number, so I couldn’t try reporting it to the proprietress. The police station was also closed, so I couldn’t report it there. As for doing anything about it myself, I’d likely be arrested if I tried to climb up there. And besides, doing anything with that sign in the wind, without a stepladder and someone to hold it steady on the wet, sloping ground, would be verging on suicidal.

Arriving back home, I found a phone number for the shop, but got no answer. I also tried the police, but hung up after too long on hold. For the time being, it’s not a problem: the wind has subsided and it’s stopped raining. But if it gets up again later, who knows what might happen?

What bugs me about this is the contrast between this situation, and the kind of grief the powers-that-be inflict on us in the name of mostly-bogus Health and Safety concerns in everyday life.

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