Tavistock jobsworth

I always thought Tavistock’s indoor market had quite a lot to recommend it.  Bustling, lively, and with some (though by no means all) good stalls.

My most regular calling point there is the wholefood stall, where I buy herbs and spices, grains and pulses.  There’s also a wholefood shop in town, but I prefer the stall for one main reason: the happy and friendly service I get from the lady on the market stall, as compared to a rather depressing atmosphere in the shop.

On Friday, that suddenly changed for the worse.  I headed down to the market to buy a couple of things from this stall.  It was 4pm, which is closing time for many stalls, but she’s always open after some of the others have packed up.  And indeed, I could see she was open.  But, alas, at the door to the market building, I was confronted by a miserable jobsworth, who insisted the market was closed and I couldn’t enter.  And furthermore, claimed to be the management of the market, in charge of the place.

I went to the shop, which has suddenly become a happier experience than the market.

Of course I know and accept that shops close.  I think no less of the greengrocer on the corner of the market because he closes at four and I’m occasionally too late for him.  But a jobsworth blocking me for no good reason is a different story, and gives the whole market bad karma.

Bah, Humbug.


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  1. Considering that Friday is Market Day in Tavistock, one would expect the market to be open a little later than 4 pm. Regrettably elements in the Town Council (which owns and runs the market) and elsewhere seem to be losing the plot. First off, they banned ‘A signs’ from the town’s pavements on spurious health and safety grounds – some of these signs were rather useful for directing shoppers (especially visitors) to the smaller shops up the back streets – and now this.

    There always seems to be a rather unedifying battle going on between the market traders and council over issues ranging from smoking (outside) to commercial vehicle access for the market shops. When will those in authority loosen up and realise that we have a great, thriving retail centre in Tavistock that should be celebrated and supported? Perhaps they’d prefer Sainsbury’s to set up on the edge of town and see the lot forced out of business? Less trouble after all! Then the town centre offering will be reduced to pound shops, estate agents and fast food joints like so many former market towns elsewhere, and that would be a terrible loss for residents and visitors alike.

  2. I lived in Tavistock for 7 years. I remember that green grocer well, one of my favourite shops. I guess there are rules and laws for trading, but like you say better that than Tesco opening up nearby and taking the businesss. Tavistock has already suffered Mc Donalds – or did they close now? Morrisons. Love the Chippy – Jack n Jill up the hill….

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