Getting to know the new mount

Today I went out for the third time on my new steed. I’ve still yet to do any longer distance (like a full or even half day ride): today was just under 30Km to go and view a cottage (it was mostly nice – I’m thinking about it). But I’ve tried a fair range of terrain, and (as is inevitable in this area) some fair-size hills.

It’s a pleasure to ride. Well, it jolly well should be! On-road it’s faster and smoother than other bikes I’ve had in recent years. On moderate off-road (grass, stones, gravel), it’s also very nice, with a firm and positive ride, though it lacks the ground clearance of a mountain bike. I didn’t miss knobbly tyres at all. But I did find myself getting off and pushing on the hardest off-road section I’ve yet done, both uphill and downhill on the steep sections at the top of Pew Tor.

It’s good to be back on drop bars, and these are right for me. I’m still adjusting to it (that should probably be adjusting back to it, though the paunch has grown since I last had drops). So on the steep uphill the reach feels slightly long, while on the flat the hoods are right, and on the downhill I have the luxury of the drops. The saddle is a comfy little number, too.

Some slight niggles: changing gear upwards on the chainring wants adjusting, and the toeclips are crap. But the LBS will give it an initial service in a couple of weeks, and can adjust things that need it.

One of these weekends, I’ll find time to give it a proper outing.


Posted on April 23, 2008, in cycling. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Get some clipless pedals! then you won’t need to worry about the toeclips being crap.

  2. +1 for the clipless pedals. You won’t regret it. You can get pedals with a clipless on one side and a “normal” pedal on the other which of touring is ideal. I confess I have become a wan’a’be roadie so have one sided clipless pedals which a great when riding less so in traffic and hopeless off road.

    As of the changing ‘Up” if you mean “up” into a larger ring then this common on wider spaced gears. The leaver will allow you to over shift and the chain will then jump up but if you shift just far enough for the ratchet to engage then the chain does not shift quickly. If you adjust this away then often you can’t change into smaller rings and from the handlebars there is no way round this as you can’t over shift.

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