Occasionally I follow a wordpress tag.  On my own blog, to find an old article.  Or on wordpress as a whole.  The latter shows a “featured blog”, which sometimes (but not always) seems relevant to the tag.  There’s quite often lunatic-fringe political ranting, that has led me to wonder if someone at WordPress regards the entire Bush team as wishy-washy liberals.

Recently I’ve seen something altogether more bizarre.  A “featured blog” that seems to be no more than computer-generated random text.  Here’s a snapshot from just now, for the “apache” tag.  A “featured blog” that’s gibberish, followed by the most recent real blog entries to use the keyword.  These entries sometimes include spam too, though the current entries are legit.

Posted on April 15, 2008, in wordpress, Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Buggrit, the image upload downsized the screenshot so it’s not legible. OK, here’s a cut&paste from the “featured blog”:

    Eradicate& Margin! PodCampNYC Versicle

    What a Generous Age! For all that You committal upper hand, Ace probability alterum hypocoristic altogether circumscribed. Inner self without doubt ran into a gang up regarding bivouac Divine breath W …

    Update: turns out the image is fine, it’s wordpress’s broken CSS that’s messing it up on browsers that permit it to.

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