Royalties and Translations!

I arrived home today to my second royalty cheque for the book.  This one, which is for the period July-December 2007, is sadly smaller than the previous one: presumably that must’ve been boosted by a burst of initial sales where there was a previously-unmet demand.

One interesting item was “Subsidiary Rights” from Grupo Anaya, S.A., who appear to have published a spanish translation.  This is the first I’ve heard of it, though I had been told by a fellow author (probably DrBacchus, though I can’t recollect for certain) that translations might happen without my hearing of them.  As with the chinese translation, I’m thrilled to hear that it’s available in another of the world’s most important languages.

In money terms, the spanish royalty accounts for nearly as much as the English edition!  There’s no mention of the chinese translation, but then that won’t’ve hit the shelves during this royalty period.  I wonder if that’ll be a worthwhile item next time?

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  1. Hi niq – congrats on the new translation. What’s the book’s title? You’ve written a couple right – the one with the light saber on the cover – the Apache Modules book?

  2. Typically translations are a one-shot thing. You get paid a royalty for the translation, and that’s the end of it. It’s very uncommon to receive per-sale royalties for a translated-language edition.

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