Misquote of the week

A few little pearls around ApacheCon. How do I make a meme for folks who are here at [apachecon&planetapache]?

I liked Chris Davis “We are romans“. That’s a misquote, but he was commenting on meritocracy, and that you got roman citizenship by making contributions to the society. Ditto apache, of course.

Like a steam engine seems another good candidate (that’s about innovation curves and intellectual property …). But just now I need to concentrate on Roy’s talk 🙂


Posted on April 11, 2008, in apachecon. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I loved Roy’s quote when answering questions: “httpd [is] the printing press of the modern age”. Another great quote about the effect of what we do on the larger world. That’s why I love the ASF.

    – Shane

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