Apache 3.0

OK, since last week was the time for mischievous fun, let’s start by making it perfectly clear that Apache 3.0 is vapourware!

Roy’s keynote closing Apachecon on Friday will, we’re led to believe, will talk about Apache 3.  I expect any hint at concrete revelations may be pretty incidental to it, but there was a bit of dialogue last week along the lines of Tell me what you decide and I’ll announce it …  We broke it!

Tuesday was a day to talk about visions for the next generation webserver, with probably the greatest number ever of today’s core devs gathered around the same table.  Chief visionary for radical updates was Justin, who not only introduced some potentially-interesting ideas, but was prepared to defend them in the face of questioning from natural sceptics like Yours Truly.  Which is not, of course, to say that he answered every question.

Without going into technical detail, key issues discussed included core architecture, performance, configuration, and compatibility.  And I think we’re closer to agreement on some of the issues than we were before, having made progress in reconciling at least some of the conflicting concerns in the meltingpot.

Of course, there were no takers for now who’s actually going to get hacking on it 🙂


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