i18n and filters

mod_proxy_html 3.0 introduced charset conversion using apr_xlate (iconv). Later I decided to extract that out into its own module mod_xml2enc, rather than re-implement the same i18n again in other filters such as mod_publisher.

In developing mod_xml2enc, I encountered and fixed some problems I hadn’t seen with mod_proxy_html 3. And today, someone emailed me with a bug report that looked very familiar: he’s encountering the problem I fixed for mod_xml2enc.

For the future, mod_proxy_html 3.1 will have the apr_xlate stuff stripped out, and replaced by hooks for mod_xml2enc instead. Meanwhile, anyone affected by transcoding problems should take the advice I gave today’s correspondent: use the xml2enc filter in front of the proxy-html one, so the latter’s iconv transcoding isn’t required.


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