Porting apache to Java platform

The Apache webserver runs on a wide range of platforms, from the mainstream Unix-family (including Linux, Mac, etc) and Windows through to minority platforms like Netware, OS/2 and BeOS.  But not the Java VM, which is of course the majority platform for ASF projects, as well as an important flagship for Sun and other corporations with an interest in the server.

Of course it’s long supported Java apps, through an appserver such as Tomcat or Glassfish, and a connector such as mod_jk or mod_proxy_ajp.  But that’s not the same as running on the platform!

Now at Sun it’s no secret we’d like to bring the best of both Sun’s and Apache’s webservers to our users.  How better to do that than to take the proven performance and scalability of Sun’s async connection/request management and scheduling, and plugging it into Apache as a new high-performance MPM?

The starting point for this is Java bindings in APR, after which we can plug in a Java MPM based on Sun code, and run HTTPD on the Java platform.  In due course we’ll have a server which users can run equally well either natively (as now) or on the Java VM, and which supports both Apache modules (the current C API) and the NSAPI for Java modules.

Eventually, a server where users can mix-and-match the LAMP stack with Glassfish in a single application platform!


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