Monthly Archives: March 2008

mariani’s inn, santa clara

I have to give this place a writeup, because I have rarely felt so positive about somewhere I’ve stayed. I’m moving out because the location is wrong, but so much else is just right!

First, why I’m here. This was a last-minute booking, and Marianis could accommodate me. Their reviews at were pretty decent, and they appeared on the map to be about two miles, or just over, from Sun’s offices. That’s a distance I’m happy to walk twice a day – no worries. And at under $100 a night all-inclusive, the price is definitely right – in the context of an area like silicon valley.

Arriving here I find the room is basic but adequate; clean, with a decent bed, bathroom, table and chairs, and a working fridge. Outside there’s a (small, unheated) swimming pool and a hot tub/jacuzzi, providing some touches of luxury. Furthermore, the staff are just fantastic, and breakfast is pretty decent, too. Drawbacks are poor sound insulation to the neighbouring room (my first two nights were blighted by their telly), and the layout with people passing right by my window. But for a low-cost two-star place, this is excellent!

The major issue is location. As I already blogged, it’s not a particularly inspiring location (though I don’t know if such a thing even exists around here). But that two miles turned out to be wildly optimistic: google maps tells me it’s 3.87 miles, and that’s by a multi-lane highway that’s not merely scary, but forbidden to pedestrians. A route I can walk to Sun’s offices is at least four miles, and all on very nasty, busy multi-lane highways, in part without even a pavement sidewalk.

With bike hire, this place would be just great. But the only place google finds that’ll do that charges about $80 per day. That’s more than a bloomin’ car, which I really want to avoid. So, I’m moving nearer to Sun’s offices. And, alas, to a much more expensive place. While that last fact may help with feeling like a valued employee, it means the new place had jolly well better be good!