Daily Archives: March 29, 2008

ApacheCon for Brits

Following my exceptionally pleasant journey last year, I’m once again booked to travel to Amsterdam by train+ferry for ApacheCon the week after next.

What was best about last year’s travel? The return journey, overnight in a very nice cabin on a luxurious modern (and huge!) ferry.

What was worst? The sleeper train to London, which fell woefully short of decent standards of comfort.

So this year, I’m travelling overnight on the ferry in both directions, and doing the train journey by day. Best of both worlds!

For any other Brits who have yet to book travel, I can strongly recommend the deal offered by dutchflyer, which bundles train travel with the Harwich-Hook of Holland ferry. For those living further north, I note there are other ferry options including Hull-Rotterdam and Newcastle-Amsterdam. I can’t speak for those routes, but I’d certainly be interested in trying them if they were geographically right for me. Come to think of it, we have a good direct train service Plymouth-Newcastle, so maybe that’s an option worth looking at for a bit of variety!

BTW, I’m booked into the Park Plaza Victoria hotel this year (the conference hotel wasn’t an option – it’s fully booked). Anyone else there for ApacheCon, feel free to drop me a line!