Daily Archives: March 8, 2008

Sun and Apache

A belated blog post on a subject that’s now a week old …

It seems I’m not the only ASF member to have just joined Sun. Ted Leung has just joined – albeit in a different area of $bigco (and with different main interests at ASF).

We join a select band of folks with both the two hats, including Dave Johnson, Craig Russell, and Craig McClanahan. There may be others, but if so they’re not talking about it.

With the quota rising from three to five, it seems fair to say Sun is no longer underrepresented at Apache for a company of its size, position and importance. OTOH, I believe we still fall short of some other $bigcos such as IBM and Google, and indeed far smaller companies like Joost. But that’s just an impression: I haven’t collected the data to back it up.

As for what I’ll be doing over the coming weeks and months … well, we’ve identified areas of interest that should be of benefit to everyone (Sun, Apache, the wider community, and myself). Watch this space!


Why is food like humour?

For my last night in sunny California (and yes, it’s been sunny and fine throughout my time here), I went to the posh italian-flavoured restaurant next door to the hotel. It’s the only one in the area that looks and feels like a restaurant (as opposed to a cafĂ©), and it’s twice the price of the others, so I went in with high hopes.

Distinctly underwhelmed. It was adequate, but no way was it worth the premium over the other local eateries.

Overall, I’ve encountered a variety of food here, ranging from excellent to distinctly mediocre. That’s much the same as back home. The difference is that back home I can usually make a reasonable judgement before committing to eating somewhere, while here I’m struggling. So the best restaurant meal I’ve had was with my colleagues in a thai place they know and love, while probably the worst was the one I had on Saturday in San Francisco, also in a thai place, but one I found for myself.

Thinking about it, when I first lived in Italy I encountered more bad food than you’d believe of that country, but my experience improved with time. I guess it really is about experience, of a kind that doesn’t travel very well between cultures.

Like that famously-bad traveller, the sense of humour, perhaps?