Daily Archives: March 2, 2008

San Francisco

Yesterday I made it in to the big city.

I left the hotel at 8 a.m. and jumped on the caltrain to San Francisco. That was a much longer journey than I’d realised: it was  after nine when I got on a train, half past ten when it arrived, and still more before I’d found the “interesting” parts of the city. Clearly what I should’ve done is to spend Friday and Saturday nights in a San Francisco hotel, to relax and enjoy the city without the hassle of travel.

I did get to see, albeit superficially, the famous highlights. The waterfront and bay, historic ships, and golden gate bridge. The steep hills and “cable car” (looks more like a mini-tram – I didn’t take a ride ‘cos they were all far too crowded, and besides, I prefer to walk). The city certainly has a beautiful setting!

I also saw the downtown centre: civic buildings, museum, concert hall, theatre. Not so impressive for a city of the size, but that was only from outside. With a bit more time, I might’ve enjoyed something there.

The downside (apart from travel time) was lunch. I managed to pick a rather bad restaurant. Shook my faith a bit: I’m generally a great fan of asian cuisines, and this was the first time I’ve eaten Thai food anywhere in the world and not found it delicious.