Daily Archives: February 26, 2008

Tired and hungry

It’s 07:50 on my body clock, 23:50 here in silicon valley. And after no proper food all day, I find all the restaurants in this area closed at 9-10. Best I could find was a late-night corner shop of the kind you find in rundown suburbs of any city, where I was able to get a couple of tired-looking but nice pieces of fruit. I thought El Camino Real should translate to something like Royal Parade, but it turns out to be some dreary suburban main road full of parking lots and chip/grease shops.

And then there’s the sleep. Or rather, next door room’s telly making it a challenge. And the roar of next door’s aircond, which is probably why they’ve got the telly on so loud. Heh.

Update: tuesday morning, and I feel much better after hotel breakfast. This’ll probably bear a morning timestamp, as it seemed to get lost last night in the hotel’s intermittent wifi.