Hearing the wildlife

On Tuesday night, staying in a guest house in Camberley, I got a taste of Surrey’s good side.  The guest house is situated in parkland, with some major sources of noise and pollution at a distance.  From my bedroom, I could hear the M3 and the Heathrow flight path, but both were no more than gentle background noises.  I could also hear an owl, and later the dawn chorus.

Tonight, too, I can hear an owl here in Tavistock.  I think my night in Camberley must have sensitised me to the sound.  But normally I just don’t notice it, as it’s very faint compared to some of the less pleasant human-generated noises.

It just goes to show, in terms of wellbeing, what matters most is the immediate surroundings.  It can be in-town or in the country, but if it’s sufficiently peaceful it’s nice, whereas if it’s exposed to too much pollution it’s stressful and nasty.

I guess that’s heavily reflected in house prices.  Maybe I can get somewhere quiet by paying £200/month more in rent.


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