Daily Archives: February 21, 2008

Servant to a new master

I travelled up to Camberley on Tuesday evening, to spend yesterday at the UK head office of my new Lord and Master[1]. As a result of that, I now have a card, a VPN client for remote access to Sun networks, and a cryptographic security device to generate challenge-responses to access it is on order. I’ve also met some great folks, though not my own team, who are in California (including my manager) and in India.

Coincidentally, yesterday was also the day of a UK solaris meeting. I only heard about that when Chris Gerhard emailed me on Tuesday (I guess he’d just heard about my joining), but I was able to attend some of that event and meet the real geeks. I guess that by the time of the next such meeting, I should be sufficiently acquainted with the current state of Solaris to participate properly.

Anyway, I’m now employed to work on the OpenSolaris Web Stack, with particular emphasis on Apache. Or to continue hacking Apache but with an emphasis on the OpenSolaris platform. Or … you get the picture, more to come on the subject as and when. As soon as I have the new workstation with Solaris up and running, I’ll be scouring it for capabilities that can usefully be harnessed for Apache, and of course APR.

[1] aka employer