Daily Archives: February 8, 2008


I’m on the point of accepting a job offer. This is the culmination of several months discussion and negotiation, since $bigco first contacted me on September 9th last year, indicating their interest in recruiting me. For the first time since 1997, I’ll be on a payroll other than my own.

Accepting this means I’ll be earning quite a lot more than I’ve sustained in the past, though naturally less than my full charge-out rate (peak earnings) at WebThing, or indeed some of what’s been dangled in front of me. Indeed, I didn’t even try to haggle over money, but concentrated instead on things I care about: working from home without some ghastly commute, and retaining the right to maintain and continue specific existing work without $bigco claiming ownership. Anyway, I’m very happy to replace intermittent contract-work earnings with a regular salary, which is exactly what’s happening to my finances.

Apart from retaining my freedoms, the other good news is the work itself, which will continue to be dominated by Apache development. My level of commitment to core development work will not suffer, and could potentially even benefit in some areas.

For the forseeable future, WebThing will continue as-is, with the important exception that I’ll no longer offer paid consulting and support work. For existing/past clients, I will of course honour existing commitments. If you have followup issues, I will of course do my best to help, with the proviso that I can no longer commit my own time to you.

Much more on this subject to come!