man ‘flu

I’ve never understood the distinction between a cold and ‘flu.  AFAICT there’s a continuum between a sore throat/runny nose and being flat out.  How do you classify something in the middle?  Answer: coin a new expression that enables you to get a dig at someone.  Hence “man-flu”, which pokes at the only sex we’re allowed to have a dig at in these politically-correct days.

I’d describe what I’ve just had as a cold – probably picked up on my long train+bus journey on Tuesday.  But yesterday I was shivering under my warmest duvet, and struggled to sit at the computer for an hour or two (whereas in current weather I’d normally find that duvet a little too warm).

Could I have gone to work if I worked in an office?  Last week, yes, no problem (and – alas – like most professionals, I’d never have dared take the time off).  Weekend, I think yes with difficulty, though I’d have been utterly unproductive for about two days.  Not that that matters in – it’s the bum onna seat that counts. And I’d have been spreading germs to all my colleagues.

I did excuse myself choir on Thursday ‘cos of germs, though symptoms then were still very mild.  I wish more people would make an effort to isolate themselves when they’re likely to be infectious.

And it’s a reminder of one of my reasons for working at home.  Well, some though not all of the offices I’ve worked in have been germ-exchanges.


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  1. Isn’t the standard definition influenza virus (flu) versus other upper respitatory system infections (cold)?

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