Our river

There’s a tourist-style notice appeared where the works on our river were.  It tells us what they’ve done.  Or at least, it gives a reason for having had works, though not all the works they did.

As I noted before, the works had a bad effect on the canal.  In fact they’ve revamped the whole of the feeder from the river to the canal.  There’s now an underwater construction, and a robotic contraption to remove leaves and other such debris from it and keep the canal feed clear.  The feed itself has had some kind of mesh put over it, apparently so that the salmon don’t enter the canal and get trapped when they reach the other end, which is (now) a miniature hydro power station at Morewellham, where the canal discharges into the Tamar river.

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  1. The robotic scoop seems to have become Tavistock’s latest free attraction. When it operates (removing virtually no debris in my experience, because the main leaf fall is over and the river’s running so fast with the recent rainfall that it tends to clear itself anyway) the device attracts dozens of onlookers on Bedford Bridge and along the riverside walk. It’s a cool bit of engineering, but I do wonder if there couldn’t have been a simpler way of achieving the same thing. That great cartoonist/inventor Heath Robinson would have been proud!

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