Mergers & Acquisitions Day

So, all within a day, Sun acquires MySQL, and Oracle acquires BEA.

About the latter, I have nothing to say, beyond “may I be spared having to work with their ghastly software ever again“. But the former is definitely interesting, and probably good news. If nothing else, it removes any risk of MySQL being gobbled up by someone altogether more sinister, as happened to sleepycat.

There are some pretty convincing reasons why Sun should be interested in this. MySQL is by far the biggest database in the Web applications world, which is obviously important to them. And Sun is leapfrogging its big rivals IBM and Microsoft, both of whom have major SQL database products but nothing like MySQL’s market share. Furthermore, MySQL’s approach based on open source with corporate governance should be thoroughly at home at Sun.

As for MySQL – well, apart from the money, I expect the Sun name and worldwide organisation may open new doors for them. Not that they were some startup-in-a-garage, but they did come from low-end origins, and have moved up the market over the years. I expect the alliance with Sun will help MySQL’s image as a top-end product backed by a top-end company, for those who care about such things.

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