Waste disposal

OK, I have a dead lightbulb.  I bought a new one, and read on its little box that I should dispose of it carefully.  Not throw it out with my regular household waste.  At the same time, I’ve had to replace the batteries in my radio (for the first time this century, I believe).  Ditto.

Don’t these things come under electronic waste disposal regulations these days, meaning that someone is under an obligation to take them off my hands?  I looked at the council’s website for clues, and found none.  Their feedback form asks for such extensive information I thought it almost easier, and potentially more satisfying, to go round in person and harangue someone.

So I’ve just been.  I put the stuff I need to be rid of in a small carrier bag, and went round to complain of the absence of information, and point out that most such waste is almost certainly going straight into standard household dustbins, and hence landfill.

FWIW, they told me I can take such waste to the Crowndale facility.  I expect for most people, that means a car trip, and hence more pollution than you save by not throwing the stuff in standard domestic waste.  Yeah, right.

I also took the opportunity for a rant about the absurdity of how they recycle glass.  The lady I spoke to took the bait, and started telling me about washing all those difficult jars in hot water and detergent.  Good grief, she’s probably doing more damage washing them up than sending them to landfill!

I don’t expect it’ll do any good (except in that they took the rubbish off me).  But it can’t hurt, either, if someone gives them a hard time about it.

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  1. You can send batteries for recycling at your local post box by collecting an orange plastic pre-paid envelope from a Sainsburys supermarket.

    I agree about the light bulbs and the stupidity of telling people to take them to out-of-town collection points that aren’t served by public transport. More waste than it saves, indeed. Here in North Somerset, we’re told to take juice cartons to the town centre point, but plastic bottles and card to the out-of-town point. Utter utter madness. No wonder we seem to be the only house in our block that puts out any recycling – everyone else is probably too bloody confused.

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