Got our kissing gate back

There’s still a lot of disruption here. John was right about our river: the works have now gone more than 50% over their advertised time, and the path on the north side (the one I usually prefer) shows no sign of opening – though the south is now clear. Water levels in the canal are still up and down, from a healthy level to a muddy bottom with puddles. And the public conveniences in Bedford Square are still dead, with hideous and very obtrusive (and smelly) portaloos in their place.

But as of yesterday we have one little bit of progress. The kissing gate from Down Road onto Whitchurch Down and the golf course has finally been repaired. Its absence was never a problem, as there’s a perfectly good latched gate right beside it, but having it blocked with string and tape was ugly. The new gate seems heavier than before, and leaves less space, but perhaps they decided it needs to be robust.

[1] after maybe as much as a year – someone remind me if you remember when it first went.


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