Chinese translation!

It seems my apache modules book is being translated into Chinese.  I’m not quite sure what that really means, given that there are many chinese variants spoken over such a huge country, not to mention diaspora.  But I guess it must be some reasonably universal mandarin, as English is to “the west”.

Anyway, my translator emailed, and asked if I’d like to contribute a preface for the chinese edition.  Well, I guess I can say something about how thrilled and excited I am to be translated for such an important market: surely the biggest and fastest-growing outside the english-speaking world.

With a bit of luck, this might correlate with an increase in activity and contributions coming back to Apache from China.  The language remains a barrier to free growth in the community, and I’ve no idea how much Apache community may already exist in China without announcing themselves to non-chinese-speakers.  Let us hope that where mod_fcgid (a popular, widely-used module from China) has led, others will follow.

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